LUANAR intensifies I-2 Vaccination Campaign in its surrounding Villages in Malawi

Newcastle disease is one of the key factors reducing the population of Chicken in Malawi. In response to this predicament LUANAR through iLINOVA programme introduced a vaccination campaign to increasing awareness of the need to vaccinate chickens and build community based institutional structure to enhance vaccination of chickens among smallholder farmers. Currently, four clubs have been established through which training on governance issues and other  technical areas relating to village poultry will be delivered.

So far members of three clubs (Mkaka, Nkhomani and Mtande) have been trained on how to administer I-2 vaccine and the farmers are now able to vaccinate chickens. The intervention is not only benefiting farmers in clubs, but also none club members, though at a cost. A fee of MWK20.00 (equivalent of $0.04) is levied per bird vaccinated. Most of the households in the area own at-least 15 chickens. Thus in a way, the clubs also generate income from this programme. The target for this intervention is to benefit more than 1000 chicken keeping families in the villages around LUANAR.

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