Summer camp for scientists on innovation and management of IL

iLINOVA held its first Summer camp for the

scientific community from 21st September to 1st October, 2014 at Egerton University. The project utilises summer camps as an avenue to strengthen capacity for participatory management of indigenous livestock and foster agricultural innovation in Eastern, Southern and Western Africa. A total of twenty seven participants drawn from all the partnering universities attended.

Four presentations were made. The first presentation was on “Research Proposal writing with a focus on Upgrading the Value Chain of Indigenous Livestock”. It aimed at enabling the participants define the concept of value chain of indigenous livestock and write proposals. The presentation covered an overview of local value chains and writing proposals on conservation of indigenous livestock mainly systematic and logical analysis of the problem and designing interventions and monitoring and evaluation.

The second presentation focused on “Characterisation, Inventory and Monitoring of Trends in Indigenous Livestock.” The topics covered during the presentation included livestock genetic diversity, methods for characterisation, characterisation inventory and monitoring, inbreeding and population of the Kenya
Sahiwal. “Application of Geographical Information System in Livestock Production” was the third presentation. The presentation covered an overview of how Geographical Information System works, its general application, Global Positioning System application, integrating Geographical Information System and Global Positioning System, types of projection systems, and collection and mapping of real data.

The final presentation was on “Hydroponic Fodder Production.” The objective of the presentation was to familiarise the participants with the new technology of fodder production and its essence. Seed and seeding, and management of hydroponics units were the topics covered during the presentation.

The participants appreciated that the summer camp enhanced their understanding of research proposal writing with a focus on upgrading the value chain of indigenous livestock, characterization, besides expanding their knowledge on IL genetic resource management and exposing them to new technologies and tools for managing IL.

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