1st stakeholders meeting on participatory management of IL in Kenya

This meeting that hosted key players and actors

in the management of indigenous livestock was held on 9th-14th of November, 2014 at Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya. Participants were drawn from the government extension division, university teaching fraternity, production sector and youth. A total of 60 participants attended the meeting.

The agenda of the meeting was to familiarise these diverse stakeholders with the objectives and activities of iLINOVA. The project manager Prof A.K Kahi presented the objectives and activities of iLINOVA and proceeded to highlight the main purpose and intentions that led to the birth of iLINOVA. Participants’ attention was drawn to the role of Science, Technology and Innovation for the promotion and advancement of management of indigenous livestock resources. The need and measures to improve Science, Technology and Innovation related to the management of indigenous livestock was broadly discussed by the stakeholders, who ended up pledging their full support and involvement in the course of project implementation.

The forum successfully created a network of diverse players among owners of a wide spectrum of indigenous livestock that agreed to work together with respect to the promotion and advancement of indigenous livestock through Science, Technology and Innovation. The meeting helped to create a new synergy that could contribute to a more sustainable valuation and utilization of indigenous
livestock resources in Kenya.

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