iLINOVA develops a communication and visibility plan

iLINOVA has developed a communication and visibility plan. The communication and visibility plan provides an overview of the dissemination and outreach strategy for iLINOVA. The document covers the general objectives of this plan, the target audience, activities and means for dissemination. It also provides information on some of the implemented activities since the beginning of the programme.

In brief, the principal objectives of the communication and visibility plan are:

- To ensure high visibility of the programme among its key stakeholders through the management and use of appropriate communication channels.

- To ensure that all the partnering institutions identify and understand the information needs of specific target audiences.

- To contribute to the growth of awareness and skills within partner communities.

- To engage and ensure collaboration with industry.

- To design and conduct visibility and knowledge transfer strategy which is complemented in Activity 3 (stakeholder fora) that has an element of sharing information with stakeholder and Activity 5 (Research industry and civil society linkages) which has coordination desks, internship and mentoring as some of its tasks.

The document can be downloaded from

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