Dairy production is faced with deficiencies in energy, protein, vitamins and minerals. As dairy animals depend largely on pasture and crop residues to meet their requirements. Smallholder farmers supplement their dairy animals with maize bran and low quality forages. However the low protein content of maize bran limits its utilization. Due to this reason the Ministry of Agriculture, Research Department in Malawi came up with Chitedze liquid feed where they mix
70% cane molasses,
10.8% urea
1.2% vitamins & minerals
18% water

Liquid feed is fed by mixing it with chopped grass or maize bran. It increases milk production in dairy animals.

Chitedze Research is evaluating indigenous chicken droppings to replace liquid feed. Chicken manure makes an excellent feed supplement for cattle, goats and sheep. It is high in urea, a source of nitrogen, which improves the environment in the animal's rumen. In addition to that chickens manure is readily available in Malawi.

Since chicken manure can carry bacteria that cause salmonella and coccidiosis disease.  The manure is first dried and the animals are dewormed every three months. This Programme will on the other hand promote rearing of indigenous chickens by dairy farmers.

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