ILINOVA Facilitates Two Study Projects

ILINOVA has facilitated two study projects one in smallholder livestock production and the other in Galla goats.

Mr. Douglas Muyera, a masters student at Egerton University has been facilitated by ILINOVA to conduct a study, “Assessment of Effects of Climate Change on Smallholder Livestock Production in Njoro Sub-County, Kenya”. This is because; Smallholder livestock production is one of the major means of livelihood supporting many families world over. The system acts as a source of food and financial security to many households therefore sustaining their socio-economic wellbeing as well as that of the nation. However, this support system is under threat due to the negative effects of climate change which are contributing to a decline in the level of smallholder livestock production. For the last 30years, changes in climate have also been observed in Njoro sub-county and therefore, this proposed study will investigate the effects climate change is having on smallholder livestock production in the area.

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