Suleiman's Internship Experience

My experience at the Centre of Excellence for Livestock Innovation and Business is a reflection of my renewed personality, both in profession and relation.
This is professional apprenticeship experiences that give me the opportunity to gain practical experience in a professional environment. It is an opportunity for me to take what I learned in the classroom and apply it in the real world. Indeed it is my first opportunity to know how to work in an office and to learn how to perform in a professional manner, and to apply professional skills and talents.
It gave me a chance to develop my communication and interpersonal skills, built my knowledge base about a specific field, and to practice a higher level of responsibility and confidence.

Since the beginning of my services at the Centre, I have been exposed to various activities and sections which has developed my practical abilities. The first exposure was at the zero grazing unit. The fact that I was able to feed the cattle, milk them, conduct vaccination and cleaning of the unit was a great practical  encounter with livestock for the first time.

I later proceeded to the feed processing section which not only gave me the practical lessons but also taught me the best side of agribusiness. Here I was involved in feed rationing, packaging, marketing and recording. An overview of all these brought impacted expertise in me. I am therefore able to process all livestock feed comfortably as a business.

As if not enough, I landed to the poultry section with a lot of enthusiasm. Here I found beauty of agriculture and real potential in the sector. My daily roles were to feed the chicken, do cleaning, assist with vaccination, egg collection and reporting of serious cases to the section head. These were all a motivation to continue with the section weeks long but well, I had to proceed to the next section.

My next encounter was at the hydroponic unit. The desire to learn of the technology enveloped me in whole. I followed few instruction about raising hydroponic fodder and wholesomely got the concept. I have therefore gained a lot of experience on establishing and raising hydroponic fodder as a source of crude protein for quality milk from dairy livestock.

In addition to all these, I have also be able to fetch practical exposure at the dairy goats unit, apiary section, biogas unit, aquaculture section and Rabbit section. All these have made me an holistic farmer in the waiting while at the same time helping with extension work for the farmers seeking such information.
I would therefore wish to honestly convey my sincere gratitude to the big supportive team at CoELIB who made my experience a reality. I am indebted to the Centre director who gave me this great opportunity to relate with the Centre, my supervisors who tirelessly ensured in was always on board and exposed and to all other staff at CoELIB who kept on motivating despite the few challenges I faced.

In conclusion, I would say that for the period I have been at CoELIB, there’s much that I have personally gained in terms of skills and confidence in relating to others. As an undergraduate in Agribusiness Management, I am more open minded to various projects that would empower me economically.

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