Prima Gallus


The main focus of Prima Gallus is to tap into the available opportunity in chicken business. This follows the shift from red meat to white meat as a result of health conscious awareness that has been created over time. Prima Gallus employs a 3 – point business model with the main area focusing on value-addition in chicken
products. This involves connecting farmers with other actors in the value chain especially eateries. The other points Prima Gallus focuses on include AgPowered Entrepreneurship which is a mentorship program targeting the youth. This is done through trainings, seminars and organized events to enhance entrepreneurial
skill among the youth. Agri-Consultancy on the other hand is when skill and experience is used to help farmers and business men run their enterprises properly through writing of business plans, organizing agribusiness clinics and forming business models for enterprises.CoELIB incubatees in Prima Gallus. From left: Mr. Dickon Ouma Otieno and Mr. Dickson Okello Otieno


• Agricultural entrepreneurship trainings
• Agribusiness clinics and seminars
• Agri-consultancy services
• Formation of business models for enterprises
• Farmers get connected to the other value chains especially eateries
• Mentorship of upcoming entrepreneurs




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Telephone +254. 51. 221. 7684/5

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