I am humbled to have had such a chance at CoELIB for an internship from November 2015 up to date. I have learnt and met challenges that have made me self-sufficient to think, analyze the situation and come up with the solutions.

I have been able to work under various programmes of the value chains. My experience in all these are as below.

On indigenous chicken, I have been able to learn a lot on breeding programs involved in local chicken breeding. Production processes including incubator management, brooding of chicks, raising of the growers to point of lay and layer management are the key areas I have gained experience. I have also been able to carry out routine management practices like feeding, cleaning and taking records as part of the training. Disease occurrence has given me a great chance to learn due to frequent cases of coryza. Other infrequent poultry diseases have also given me a broad view on how to deal with the diseases. Biosecurity measures being highly considered as an effective measure of disease control and prevention, it has been highly factored in management strategy. Vaccination programs have also been of great deal in practicing and have made me learn more on prevention of viral non-infectious diseases. Pest and disease control are the key areas we have tried to solve.

The Programme also houses feed processing plant from which I have been able to learn feed formulation, packaging, storage and disposal to the market.

Record keeping also being crucial in a unit, I have been able to maintain the records to date so that we do not have a mix up of the flock considering that it is a breeding unit. Records include tagging of day old chicks, weight, flock population, hatchery operation, mortality and vaccination programs are the records I have been able to create and maintain.

I was also able to learn on dairy train programme. Here I was able to associate myself with students coming for training on dairy. With the best quality cows and bulls at the Centre which are semi-intensively reared under zero grazing, I was able to conduct services such training farmers on insemination. Local farmers are the beneficiaries of such artificial insemination project.

Clean milk production, milking procedures, feeding and routine management practices are the key skills gained from the section.

I was also able to learn on training farmers in all aspects of dairy cattle including training on clean milk production, disease management, routine practices, fodder production, marketing of the products and breeding programs.

With current strain on the land for grazing especially in urban areas, hydroponic fodder production has proved to be the effective source of feeds since it is produced in bulk on a smaller surface area. I went through a training on hydroponic fodder establishment and management and am now expert in the same.
In summary I would wish to record my sincere gratitude to the entire CoELIB team for giving me unreserved support during my internship period at CoELIB. To the entire CoELIB team, I say thank you for standing with me to make sure that I get all the support needed for learning and applying the knowledge gained in class to earn experience needed.

I am humbled by the great skills and hands-on knowledge I have gained from CoELIB. I am also grateful for nurturing me by molding me to suit the job market. This is a great opportunity since I have and I am still gaining much knowledge that will make my career more professional, profitable and productive.




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